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TOP 5 Best Business Investments for Brand Designers

At Starline Creative, we love finding new ways to up-level our skills by investing in courses and programs so we can offer the most value to our clients. Here is a list of some highly recommended investments that we have made and believe you should too!

1. Branding with Bre
This was the first investment I made in my business and is the PERFECT course for those that are beginning their brand design business journeys. I cannot recommend this course enough as it teaches you to build a solid design process for a valuable client experience. This course has helped me understand the basics of running a design business including the systems and processes to put in place but also introduced me to design strategy so you can create a killer branding suite for your clients. Use code "meher25" to receive $25 off the course!

2. Logo Package Express
This plugin is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to saving time packaging logo files. You will save days of exporting all your logo files to just minutes. This time-saver creates room for focusing on needle-moving tasks for your business including serving your clients better and working on your marketing.

3. Moyo Studio
This is one of the most well-known names within our design community for their beautiful, elegant and timeless mockups. Their range of mockup bundles allows you to present your logos and designs in a beautiful way, transforming your presentation files and your portfolio website as you show off your work.

4. Harmonais Visual
This is by far my favourite typographer and type directory for the most beautiful, elegant and timeless fonts. I find myself downloading fonts just for fun because they really are something!

5. Showit
This website design platform is hands down the best platform designers. The interface is similar to designing on Adobe Illustrator where you have the freedom of placing objects and text as you wish which is ultimately a designers dream!

Every business needs to invest in order to scale. When you invest in a course, program, coaching and/or resources, you are saving yourself years of learning and trialling skills that have already been nailed by a professional. 


  • Creative Market has the most beautiful design assets including fonts, graphics, images, etc. that you use on a daily for client work. I love checking out their free goodies every Monday. Starline Creative also has a shop on Creative Market where we sell design templates for brand designers.

  • The futur have a plethora of value and resources to share. Their content is both free as well as paid but I highly recommend checking out some of their paid content, ranging from the perfect proposal and brand messaging kit to their CORE discovery and Stylescapes course. Why not check out Chris Do's "A Pocket Full of Do" for anecdotes, lessons and wisdom?

  • Planoly is the platform I use to schedule all my Instagram posts using the free account. Planoly can also be upgraded to the paid account giving you the benefit of posting video content, scheduling more posts per month, sharing to other social media accounts and advanced analytics.

  • Hello Bonsai not only has free contracts to get you started in your business but the paid account allows you to create invoices and contracts for your clients with the click of a button and allow them to sign them online. This not only saves time for you but also for your clients and shows them how professional and streamlined your process is. You can get started by signing up for a free two week trial!

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is used on a daily for all my designs and is a no-brainer for all creative graphic, brand and web designers to receive the freedom of creating anything they want.

  • Moo has the most beautiful paper stock for business cards. Starline Creative printed their first business cards with Moo, way back in the day and the quality of the paper is incomparable!

  • Asana is my project management software that we use at Starline Creative for all client work and communication. Asana can be used with the free plan but the benefit of a paid Asana account is having more workflows, advanced reporting and portfolio views.

  • Starline Creative. Did you know we have our very own resource shop for designers to up-level their design process?

There we have it - our top 5 business investments for brand designers including some fun bonus investments that you should make like yesterday! We are excited to step into the new year with our heads held high and ready to invest in some more courses, programs, fonts and more!

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