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Nice to meet you, dreamer!

Hi! I'm Meher, the Founder and Creative Director at Starline Creative—a design studio dedicated to championing entrepreneurs on their unique journeys. My mission is to strategically grow your brand and craft an online presence that beautifully showcases your offerings, helping you stand out and convert leads in your saturated industry.




STARLINE is the journey you take to reach your North Star.

Your North Star is your "why", it's the guiding force behind your purpose and reasoning. Our mission is to guide you and provide a transformative journey of exploration, growth and learning, to ultimately reach your North Star.

mp singh photography

It was essential for us to find a designer who not only understood general website design aesthetics but also had a grasp of the photography business and online visitor behavior. Meher took the time to thoroughly understand our vision and presented us with rough drafts that captured our requirements exceptionally well.

Starline Creative exceeded our expectations in every aspect!


Before working with Starline Creative, the biggest struggles with my business was not trusting anyone to do a good job! I didn't need an artist, I needed someone who understood how a brand, a company and marketing work.

I love that Meher understands what I need from a strategic standpoint


We were very happy with how easy and seamless the process was. We felt relieved that the services proved were extremely stress-free and enjoyable; and that we were able to have such a strong input in the design.

Meher made us feel understood and well taken care of