How to provide the best feedback to your brand designer


The first design presented to a client might not always be perfect which is completely normal but knowing how to effectively communicate your feedback is what will allow the process to run smooth. This is part of the process and is why collaboration is so important.

When your skills and expertise come together, that's where the magic happens and this article will discuss ways to provide the best feedback in order for your designer to understand. We will share specific prompt questions and tips that will allow you to provide the best feedback in order for your designer to understand the best decisions to be made.

Specific questions to answer when providing feedback to your designer:

  1. What aspects of this design will resonate with your brand's ethos and audience (font, colour, illustration, type, etc.)? Why?
  2. What aspects of this design could be better improved to resonate with your brand's ethos and audience (font, colour, illustration, type, etc.)? Why?

  • Provide honest feedback: If there is something you don't like about the concept, it's important to communicate that with your designer.
  • Be specific: Specifically outline what you believe is not working in the concept and why you believe it can be improved.
  • Question: If you are not sure about certain design decisions and reasonings, designers are more than happy to explain the purpose and logic behind a certain design decision
  • Revisit brand strategy: This will allow you to go back to your goals and understand some of the fundamental design decisions that have been made in producing your brand concept.
  • Put yourself into your audiences shoe: Always remember the end-user that is going to interact with your brand in order to understand why certain design decisions have been made. If something doesn't particularly appeal to you, it might still be the best decision from the perspective of your target audience. If you disagree, do communicate this with your designer in order to come to the best decision.


  • Involving those in the process who have no link to the project or brand: It's important to trust your own judgments when it comes to your brand because it is you who knows and understands it best. While it's nice to receive opinions from your partner, parent or neighbour, it might not necessarily be the best decision for the direction of the project. After all, this brand is serving your target audience, not someone you live with (unless they are your target audience).
  • If something doesn't feel right, it's important to work together to figure out why in order to move closer to a mutual target that is best for the brand.
  • Prescribing exact solution: While all honest feedback is welcome, it's important to explain and discuss the problem with your designer that is then solved based on their research, experience and skills.

Working with a professional designer is a very collaborative process and communicating ideas and feedback is vital to guide the work moving forward. Designers value the client's input and knowing how to provide constructive feedback allows them to understand how to take action.

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