Brand identity project for a full-scale national energy management organisation, Clear Energy Solutions. The company required a professional brand to launch their organisation and represent their values. The logo is a versatile and simple representation of the company that symbolises its core value of providing simplicity to their customer base. The company has a holistic approach and prides itself for their long-lasting loyal relationships with their customers.

The logo design shows the rays of the sun appearing out of the symbol of a leaf. These icons represent the environment and the importance of playing a holistic role with the climate-change crisis. The clear space within the leaf correlates with the name of the company and acts as a visual element to create a clean and recognisable brand. The round lock-up of the logo is formed into a perfect, complete circle that symbolises the perfect relationship between the business and the consumer. This relationship is simple, long-lasting and fulfilling, correlating with the relationship between the energy efficient products provided by the company to their end-user.

Clear Energy Solutions



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